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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Continued Research

With continued research more information is turning up and yet it isn't. What is turning up is adding to the information of the 1st Battalion soldiers being buried March 1917. Yet the information isn't always specific - some of it is very general.

An example of the information adding to the knowledge of the burial of the 1st Battalion soldiers is to the right. This letter clearly states that William Gibney was buried about 450 yards North North West of Gueudecourt but after searching they couldn't locate his grave.

To me this letter proves that the soldiers were buried before the end of the war near Gueudecourt but for some unknown reason after the war their graves couldn't be found. One such reason could be the cross or crosses marking their graves was destroyed during the war. Also after reading war diaries I discovered that the area around Flers and Gueudecourt was bombed by the German for the following few months after March 1917 (when they were buried).

William Gibney had the same burial location in his military file as Thomas Rutherford. The record below is taken from William Gibney's military file.

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