November 5th Website

November 5th Website
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

A lot has happened

Since last posting on here, a lot has happened.

1. I have finished going through all the records/files I had and so I have completed my research.

2. I sent of 'articles' to two magazines about Thomas and the others. But I don't think I will hear back from them (as much as I would love it).

3. Two families have contacted me recently who are related to two of the soldiers with Thomas (a part of the 36).

4. It is coming up to another ANZAC Day without a memorial to the soldiers in France (a part from V-B). Right now I have settled for knowing where they are even though it is not acknowledged.

5. I have completed my website to the soldiers.

6. Contacted locate politician about Thomas and the others.

Even though all this happened I still have some things to do.

1. Finish the interactive CD.

2. Send the CD off to the local politician and the people who have contacted me.

3. Try to get something published about Thomas and the others in the media.

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