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November 5th Website
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

November 5th 2011, Gueudecourt, France

95th Anniversary

This year on November 5th it will be 95 years since Thomas and the other 1st battalion soldiers were killed.

I had hoped to return to Gueudecourt (I was there with my dad in 2006 for the 90th anniversary) and go to where (I now know) Thomas and the others are buried (on the battlefield).

Well, with some planning I have booked and paid for my trip and I will be standing on/near their graves on November 5th this year. I have also organised (hopefully) to visit all the cemeteries and memorials where all the 1st battalion soldiers are buried or have their names commemorated. I will take photographs of their names or graves and place these onto the website on the individual soldier's pages.

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