November 5th Website

November 5th Website
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Friday, April 12, 2013

The word is getting out

I received noticed a week ago that were going to included the brief summary I wrote about the research I have undertaken / the soldiers of the November 5th 1916 in their ANZAC memory bank.

 This is the image seen by all in the memory bank

When I got to their site I was totally surprised and very pleased to see that this brief overview was the third story, so everyone that visits that part of the site will see what I have found / been doing.

My main hope is that this will give the families that I have not been contact with another avenue to get in touch with me and the website.

Findmypast also put up the poems I have written (they are in another section on this blog), they are on the second page - story number 6.

This is entry for the poems. This also includes a poem found amongst my pop's World War Two items that he had.

The address to view my overview along with all the other stories and memories findmypast have included in their memory bank is: <>

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