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Saturday, April 26, 2014

ANZAC Day 2014

Again this year I went to the local ANZAC Day service followed by attending the gathering at the local RSL. This year my brother joined my dad and I for the first time. Also this year I wanted to lay a wreath for the Thomas and the other 1st Battalion soliders of November 5th, something I haven't felt like doing for a few years - mainly because I had thought after the last time I laid one I wouldn't do it again until I could lay one at their memorial on the battlefield.

My wreath.
Instead of having something made, I made it myself (see the picture to the left). I made it out of Rosemary and tied the Battalion patch colours at the bottom.

Dad and I took it up the wreath and laid it on the memorial together.

I have to admit while doing this I was thinking that the next time I lay a wreath it will be in France over their graves (on the battlefield) - I hope. Mind you I still need to wait 2 years.

Wreath at the local memorial.

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