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Monday, July 29, 2013

Memorial at Gueudcourt

After my last visit to Gueudecourt for the 95th anniversary of the death of Thomas and the other soldiers I decided that for the 100th I REALLY want to place a plaque in France commemorating them and the battle they lost their lives in.

A couple of months ago I decided to start to try and make this happen, I have contacted someone in France in the hope they can help me and I have started saving money for the plaque.

I have to admit in a perfect world I would be able to get the plaque I have imaged (and drawn) and it would be placed right near their burial site. I know I am going to have to settle for something else, but I will not settle for anything less then a plaque recognising the battle and the loss of lives.

I may have already posted the following previously on here - My image of the perfect plaque (or monument) to Thomas and the other soldiers would be the return of what was placed for them when they were originally buried (though in stone) - A simple cross bearing all their names. I have to admit when I told my family and friends most were a little confused (confused might not be the right word) as I am far from religious, but I feel it is only fitting that the cross be returned. I know others may not feel this way.

I will post updates on what happens when things occur (hopefully).

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