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Monday, September 30, 2013

Actual Attack and Burial Site

Over the two trips I have made I have come close to the actual attack and burial site of the soldiers. On many different maps I have been able to pinpoint and highlight the areas but have never had a photograph. Thanks to Google Maps now having the street view options for the area I am looking at I have now got an actual image of the burial site and attack area.

The area surrounded by the blue line during the war linked up and made Bayonet Trench. The area marked with red is where they attacked from. The area surrounded by the pink line is Hilt Trench. The green arrow is pointing roughly to the co-ordinate given in the military files. The yellow line shows the area where the soldiers would have died and been buried.  The road makes up part of what was called Fritz Folly.

The above map shows the actual attack and burial sites. In 2016 when I go back for the 100th anniversary of their death I will be stopping here and if there are no crops in and the weather permitting, I hopefully will be able to walk out onto this or at least up hilt trench.

This is the same image as above, however without the coloured lines.

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