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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Wonderful Surprise!!

Last night around 9:15pm I received an email from my contact in France that informed me of some fantastic news ...

Some of you may remember last year (or even the year before) I wrote that I was planning something special for the 100th anniversary but I didn't want to say to much in case I couldn't pull it off - well after the email last night I am feeling comfortable enough to let you all in on my special thing. 
This is where the battle for the 1st Battle occurred.

Back Story: 
After my last visit to Gueudecourt for the 95th Anniversary I had the crazy idea that I wanted a monument or plaque erected either right next to the battlefield or in Gueudecourt that commemorated our dead soldiers, especially those still buried on the battlefield. Even though I REALLY wanted this I never thought I could achieve any thing. Though over the last couple of years with the aid of my contact in France I have been trying to achieve something - I had decided at this point in time I wanted a plaque in Gueudecourt. The last thing I did a few months ago was directly write a letter to the mayor of Gueudecourt which my contact passed on for me.
WELL ...

The email last night said that the mayor of Gueudecourt had agreed for a plaque to be erected on the wall of the 'mairie'.

 SO ...
This means I need to get busy now organising the creation of this plaque and getting it to France in time for 100th anniversary.

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