November 5th Website

November 5th Website
I have created a website that contains more information than this blog. It also contains a memorial page.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

M.A.T.R. Researching

I have finally listened to all the friends, family and some of the people I have already done research for and created a website to offer my researching skills for a fee.

I am offering my skills is genealogical and/or military research. The website is:

Additional Note: The way I came up with the name 'M.A.T.R. Researching' is by wanting to acknowledge the two people that started my genealogical and military researching.
'M.A.' are the initials of my grandmother - in response to her death in January 1998 I began my genealogical research.
'T.R.' are the initials of my great-grandfather who is the very first person I undertook military research for.

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